My.avast.com security is next gen. technology to fight cyber attacks in real time.

Avast Antivirus is widely known for the security, protection and computer optimization software.

Avast is such a way that detect and remove spam viruses and other infected software like Trojans and worms.

Moreover, user can install trial version of the software and they can purchase later.my.avast.com

Moreover, user can install trial version of the software and they can purchase later.my.avast.com

Avast Download (my.avast.com)

Installation of My avast.com is a simple method and you have to follow few steps.

  1. Open the Avast setup file from downloaad my.avast.com.
  2. Double-click the Avast EXE file.
  3. Select Run as a administrator from the context menu.
  4. When are prompted by User Account Control dialog for permission, click Yes.
  5. click Install to proceed with default installation.
  6. You have to wait for a while as it installing in your device.
  7. On the below screen you can see the message You’re protected, click Continue.
  8. wait for your device to configure the installation process.
  9. Avast antivirus protection is now installed successfully on your device.

Create a New My Avast Account.

To create new Avast Account, email address require. email address linked to account and add more my.avast.com subscription to it.

To make Avast account, dispatch an internet browser.

· Need to have a web association.

· On internet browser, type “My.Avast.com” and snap on inquiry.

· Reach to the Avast login page.

· Click on the Register catch at the highest point of the page.

· Then, enter the email address and secret key.

· Generate a solid secret key for Avast account.

· Click on make record catch.

· You get an email on the enrolled email account.

· Open email to check the record and proceed.

MY How to Reset the My Avast Account Password?

When user forget the password of their account.They can easily reset their password. User can follow these steps to reset the My Avast account password:

In case users are not able to reset the Avast account password then you can call on our toll free number and reach a skilled technician for assistance. My.Avast.com.

Technical issues while using Avast Antivirus

Downloading issue : While downloading you may face some issue with avast antivirus, this may occur due to bad internet connectivity and fake source. Contact avast antivirus toll free number for immediate help.

Issues during installation : While installing avast antivirus in your system you may face problem. Incomplete installation file, insufficient hardware specification or avast file delete by mistake. These are the major problems during installation.

BSOD : Avast antivirus users face this issue. They can get a blue screen of death. After installing windows 10th anniversary.It occurs due to compatibility error between intel CPU and avast drivers.

Issues with avast server DNS: Sometime users report Avast serverDNS is not working on network then it can’t protect you from pishing attack by online hackers.

Compatibility issues : This problem occurs if you already installed any other security software program. Remove all other security program from your system.

Apart from all these problem which is mentioned above, if you face any other issues. Call on My avast toll free number for help.

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